TENET provides monthly invoicing reports and payment reports to TELKOM, in the form of MS Excel workbooks that can be downloaded for use by authorised Telkom officials.

The information in the reports is strictly confidential and may not be revealed to anyone in any form without the express permission of Telkom's Customer Account Manager for TENET.

Access to the reports is controlled by username and password.  If you are a Telkom employee and believe that your job requires you to have access to these reports, please approach Telkom's Customer Account Manager for TENET.  The CAM can be reached at the Government Sales Department, Atterbury Park, Pretoria.

If you are authorised to access these reports, please click here to trigger the authentication process.

Once authenticated, you may wish to read the page "readme.htm".  It describes the simple folder structure within which the various Excel spreadsheets are located.

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