Tertiary Education Network

IPv6 address assignment policies

Version 2-0, published on 24 October 2005

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1.              Purpose of the policies:

1.1.        As a Local Internet Registry (LIR), TENET is subject to policies set by AfriNIC regarding allocations of IPv6 address space.In the same way, all institutions that use assignments of IPv6 address space are also subject to AfriNICís policies.See http://www.afrinic.net/docs/policies/afpol-v6200407-000.htm for AfriNICís current policies.

1.2.        Any ISP appointed by TENET to provide Internet access services to TENETís client institutions must be able to aggregate IPv6 addresses assigned by TENET within its network and ultimately route them as a single prefix at the inter-domain routing level of the Internet.

2.              Size of assignments to end sites:An end site is a point at which an institutional LAN connects to the Internet.TENET will normally assign a /48 prefix to end sites. Institutions may apply for multiple /48 prefixes for use on exceptionally large end sites.Where only one subnet is required at an end site, a /64 prefix may be assigned.Where only one interface is to be connected, a /128 may be assigned.

3.              Assignment constitutes a revocable license to use:

3.1.           Assigned IPv6 addresses are not and never become the freehold property of the assignee.

3.2.          Such an assignment by TENET constitutes the delegation of a revocable license to the assignee for the use of the assigned addresses as an end-user institution at the site identified in the application.

3.3.          Assignee institutions may not re-assign IPv6 addresses to other end sites or other institutions without TENETís written authorisation.

3.4.         TENET is entitled to revoke the license delegation and terminate the assignment if required to do directly or indirectly by AfriNIC, or if the assignee has used the address space for purposes other than those envisaged in this application or has otherwise violated the policies of AfriNIC or TENET as published from time to time, including but not limited to those specified in this document. TENET may also require the institution to renumber using a different IPv6 address assignment if, in TENETís sole judgement, this is necessary in order to improve the aggregation of prefixes within TENETís network or for any other reason.

4.          No guarantee of global routability: There is no guarantee from TENET, AfriNIC or any other party whatsoever that assigned IPv6 addresses are routable globally throughout the Internet.

5.          Assignees must manage their own reverse look up zones:

5.1.        Each institution that applies for an assignment of IPv6 address space from TENET shall be deemed to have also applied for, and be willing to accept, delegated authority to create and manage the reverse lookup zone corresponding to each assignment that is made to it.

5.2.        Assignees shall manage such reverse lookup zones in accordance with standard practice as set out in applicable RFCs.In particular, secondary name servers shall be selected in accordance with current Internet standards as defined from time to time.

5.3.          TENET will consider, but is not obliged to comply with, requests from assignee institutions to operate a secondary name server for the assigneeís reverse lookup zone(s).

6.          Agency Agreement with TENET is a pre-requisite:

6.1.          Only institutions that have appointed TENET as their agent in terms of an Agency Agreement for the procurement of Internet access may apply for assignments of IPv6 address space from TENET.TENET will not consider applications from other institutions.

6.2.          Should the Agency Agreement between TENET and an assignee institution be terminated for any reason whatever, all licenses to use assignments of IPv6 address space that TENET has delegated to the assignee institution shall be deemed to be revoked from the date of termination of the Agency Agreement.

7.          Assignee obligations in the event of revocation of assignment:From the date of revocation of an assignment, the assignee and its agents shall:

7.1.          not use any IPv6 addresses from the revoked assignment;

7.2.          not cause any addresses from the revoked assignment to be announced or routed on the Internet;

7.3.          not operate any DNS name server that purports to provide authoritative resource information pertaining to addresses in or zones related to the revoked assignment.

8.          Signing of applications: Applications for IPv6 address space assignments to an institution should be made and signed by an officer who has institution-wide responsibility for Internet access services.

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